Posted 26th May 2010 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

You might think that your email to your customers is going to be a simple matter: you have your template; you have your subscriber list; you've written some blisteringly good content - all that's needed now is for ExtraMile Communications or, regrettably, some other agency to put it all together and get it sent out.

Wrong! There is, as they say, many a slip 'twixt cup and lip. Sometimes, committees decide on email content: expect something anodyne, fairly featureless, without any real punch - and with a long, long time to develop.
Sometimes, one person, with a very fixed view of what they want tries to drive through content that simply will not work in an email context (a good example is the three A4 pages of close copy we received for a single newsletter recently) - expect a long lead time.
And long lead times bring their own problems. For example, that special promotion article that was the hero of the piece - it's now out of date and the promotion has finished. That quirky item that set itself in the context of, say, the World Cup 2010 has taken so long to be agreed that the tournament is nearly over and the impetus of the piece has been lost.
If there are products involved, those which were in full stock at the start of the process, may now be end of line. Those that were the current thing when you began, have been superseded.
And so it goes on. The clue? Be decisive, know what you want, then listen to the experts and let them weave their magic.

Nick from ExtraMile Communications in Eccleshall, Staffordshire


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