Posted 24th November 2010 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

The exhibition which was held at Festival Park Stoke recently hosted an array of companies, busily promoting their wares. This was not just to the nearly 600 people who attended, but - diligently - to each other.

Networking like mad, business owners are really taking up the challenge of finding other businesses that need to use their services. It's this sort of environment that so neatly suits the email marketing environment.
There's a great little facility in our system that auto-responds according to rules that the user sets. So, for example, if you as a business owner, collect a series of email addresses over the period of a few days or weeks and you capture these into our system, the system can respond each time a new address comes in by automatically sending out a (personalised) email to the new contact.
Better still, it can then follow up that contact with a series of other mails at pre-defined intervals. For example: "Now you've had a chance to explore our website ..." (after three days), "We always have great offers for you ..." (after two weeks), "Time to renew your membership ..." (after 11 months), and so on.
Technologies such as this not only make your business look responsive, they take away a workload that you don't need during busy periods. Check out more information about email marketing here.

Nick from ExtraMile Communications Ltd in Eccleshall, Staffordshire.


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