Posted 15th April 2014 | By James Roberts, Sales and Marketing Manager

If you read my last blog you would know that I was allowed out of the office for a week, well in fact the country, on a trade mission to Austin, Texas with UKTI at the SXSW festival.

To say it was an amazing experience is putting it mildly. Austin was an amazing city and the people who live there are among the friendliest I have encountered.

The trip was a very successful one, thanks to the events like Whisky tasting, round tables and big British breakfast, organised by UKTI. At these events I met people who worked for global companies such as Disney, Dell, Microsoft and Silicon Valley Bank, as well as countless others. I have made many great business contacts and was really pleased with the way things went.

Austin was awash with people throughout the SXSW event and the streets were closed off and full of busy people heading from one networking event to another. Myself and the other missioners spent the time in between the UKTI events listening to different keynotes by very famous industry insiders and speaking to as many new contacts as we could.

I had my first taste of Texas BBQ while on the trip, which was quite honestly the best food I have ever eaten. I also managed to get myself, along with UKTI staff, roped into being turned into a Zombie for a evening (see picture) to help out a fellow missionary promote a film that was being premiered. That was a strange experience walking the streets of Austin as the undead – the reactions we got were amazing.

All in all, the trip was a great experience for me and for the company; we got great exposure in the states and a fantastic reaction to the services ExtraMile provide. This is the first of I am sure a few visits to America and I will keep you all informed of our progress.

Written by James Roberts, Sales and Marketing Manager at ExtraMile Communications.

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