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It’s International Women’s Day and we’re celebrating by giving a big shout out to some of our favourite female designers. Women have been smashing design boundaries for years – from 1971 when Carolyn Davidson designed one of the most recognised logos today, the Nike Swoosh, to Julie Zhuo who’s bossing it as Facebook’s Product Design VP.

Paula Scher

Paula Scher is, in the words of Shannon, our Creative Manager, a “design goddess”. The American Graphic Designer and Illustrator has been turning heads with her bold style and illustrative typography since the early 70s. Influenced by Russian Constructivism she experiments with layout and colours to create unique, instantly recognisable work. In the early 90s she became a partner and first female principle at legendary design firm Pentagram. Speaking about this time she said being invited to join was an amazing opportunity and has since said, “as a woman alone in business I wasn’t likely to get large scale projects”.

If you’re into innovative typography I’d also recommend looking into letterer, illustrator and type designer Jessica Hische’s portfolio. She’s twice been given the accolade of Forbes 30 under 30 and can list Wes Anderson, Penguin Books, The New York Times and Nike on her impressive client list.

Leta Sobierajski

Designer and Art Director Leta Sobierajski’s portfolio is killing it with bright, fun and insanely colourful work. She has huge names she can call clients, including Google, Tate Modern, UNIQLO and many more. There’s an overwhelming sense of fun to her work, along with a good helping of the utterly bizarre, making her portfolio one that definitely stands out.

Susan Kare

Where would we be without Susan Kare? She is a designer of User Interface Graphics (that’s icons to you and me) who started her career as the screen graphics and digital font designer at Apple, designing many of the original Mac icons. In the words of the Museum of Modern Art in New York she has continued as a “pioneering and influential computer iconographer”; her designs are internationally recognised and are well loved for their clarity and wit.

Jing Zhang

If you’ve ever tried to explain to a confused client what an infographic is, then head over to illustrator Jing Zhang’s portfolio. Her playful creations are wonderfully detailed yet simplistic, turning complicated briefs into intricate and accessible designs that have been viewed in public settings all over the world.

Jiani Lu

Speaking of infographics, if you are a lover of data visualisation like me then definitely check out the award-winning work from Jiani Lu’s portfolio. This designer specialises in print, focussing on branding, information data and photography. I love the simplistic use of line and colour, bringing information or instructions into beautiful pieces of work that are both concise and visually engaging.

I could go on and on all day with this list – there are so many women who have inspired me personally and the more research I’ve done, I’ve uncovered limitless talent, drive and creativity. However unfortunately I have to end somewhere, so I hope you’ve enjoyed this small collection and found something inspirational to take away!

Written by Philippa Graham, Account Co-ordinator at ExtraMile Communications.


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