Posted 3rd December 2017 | By Jack Rogers, Web Designer

bauble hanging from christmas tree

Now… we aren’t saying we’re professional tree decorators (yes, that’s a real thing, we Googled it) but what we do have are great designers, if we say so ourselves. In this blog, we will give you as many tips as possible to help your tree look incredible for the festive period.

We work with design all day, every day, so this means we know our way round a good colour palette. Also, we know what works well together.

Colour Schemes

I’ll be the first to hold my hands up and say I don’t get involved with Christmas decorations. I love them, but just hate putting them up. Especially because I always “do it wrong”. That doesn’t stop me from planning how it can look, so I’ve put together some colour schemes below that might give you that little bit of inspiration. Some are traditional colour schemes and then a couple from our office.

Traditional Colour Schemes


tree red gold silver angel


tree gold silver angel


tree red gold silver star

Office Colour Schemes

Philippa’s “Quality Street” inspired colour scheme

tree quality street

Shannon’s incredible unique Christmas Bush

shannons christmas bush



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