Posted 20th October 2009 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

Small and medium businesses don't usually have either the time or resources to do effective email marketing. Many try, but the results are often counter-productive.

Don't try email marketing from your email client software (Outlook or similar), even though it looks as if you can do it. The chances are that your ISP won't be too keen on a few hundred emails zooming out of the door. Nor will your recipients appreciate an email that's loaded with images or, worse still, broken because of incompatibilities.
Use people who know what they are doing, do it every day, have the proper tools and, will ultimately save you money. How save you money? Simply because you will not be spending hours trying to crack problems that should never have been there in the first place.
Ask people who do email marketing day in, day out. It really is surprisingly cost-effective and the added value is that the mails you send out will look great, perform well and will earn their keep for you.

Nick from ExtraMile Communications


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