Posted 27th February 2010 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

If you want to find out international averages for email marketing performance, you'll need to join a professional association such as the Institute of Direct Marketing.

Their archives contain invaluable data that allows you to benchmark your performance. However, it'll cost you money.
If you simply need to understand how well your email is performing, there are several things you can do that will allow you to see whether your marketing is performing to your satisfaction:
Implement tracking on all links - make sure that you actually have clickable links that go to landing pages that tell the reader more about the topic. Each click gives you valuable feedback about how effective your mail is and the areas of interest that your readers are addressing
Implement Google Analytics - this means getting your website registered on their system and then tying in the tracking for your clicks to the reader's behaviour once they are on the site: did they go on to buy; how quickly did they buy; did they 'bounce' out of the site quickly; did they get distracted by something else?
Monitor your open rate, unsubscribes and bounces - is your list up to date; are people simply not opening the mail - and if so, why - it could be that spam filters are getting in the way
See whether your email subscriber list is growing or shrinking - use Tell a friend to get new registrants; discover why people are unsubscribing - perhaps the mail is unreadable?
Simple tools can give you mountains of information. Ultimately, if a good percentage of people are opening the mail, a good percentage of them are clicking links and your web stats are booming, you must be doing something right!

Nick from ExtraMile Communications in Staffordshire


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