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If you’re reading this then it’s highly likely that at some point in the past day you’ve used a Google service. Google are more than just a search engine (even their search engine is more than just a search engine), they’ve got Youtube, Gmail, Maps, Books, Analytics, Google+ and many more.

It can be confusing when you sign up to a new Google service as you try to work out everything it can do. As I discovered with my search engine tips blog many of their services have hidden secrets or features that aren’t well advertised to the average user. Until now…

Google have just launched a new mini-site called Google Tips. If the name hasn’t given it away then I’ll explain: it offers tips on how to use Google products! The design is minimalist and clean, making the whole user experience match many of the products Google offer. 

The tips are offered on different cards with the front outlining the benefit that can be gained. Clicking on the card flips it over and presents an overview of the tip, along with a Youtube tutorial video (of course!) or step by step instructions on how to achieve the result. Each card also has a list of requirements and a time guide to help you work out how easy or complex the tip is. 

Once you’ve mastered the tip Google make it extremely easy to share it with others via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Google+ (of course!)

Overall this looks like a helpful move from Google to guide people on getting more out of their services. That said it’s also a clever marketing ploy to get you further tied in to Google’s services, and give them more information that they can monetize in the form of advertising (as an example one of the tips is how to save your flight data with Google – don’t be surprised if you see adverts for hotels, restaurants etc for the location you're visiting in the few weeks before you fly!)

If you’re happy with that (and to be honest if you’re already using a Google service you need to sign-in to then you already should be) then this page might give you more tips and ideas on what Google offers. As an example I discovered Google Art when browsing the tips, a very clever service that has digitized many great art collections and allows you to virtually wander around some of the most famous art galleries in the world (and some lesser known galleries).

So go and check out the Google Tips page and discover something you didn’t know about Google’s services:

Written by Ean Faragher 

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