Posted 1st October 2009 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

Here are four quick reasons why you should always, by preference, choose to use email for your marketing, over postal mailing

Every postal mailing you conduct is a new invention. You have to design, print, stuff, apply postage and mail. Email just needs you to design a template that has impact, then you re-use it time and again, populating it with new content and images
Email marketing works on the basis of integrated list-building. All your unsubscribers and new subscribers (from your "Tell a friend" option) will be there waiting for you in your list when you next decide to mail. How do you keep your postal list so up-to-date so easily?
The cost of postal! Think about it: design, print (presumably in colour, if you don't want it sent straight to trash), the physical stuffing of the envelopes (staff plus stationery), the postage (getting more and more costly)
Return on Investment - just how do you measure it with postal? With email marketing, it's all built into the system: who opened the mail and when; who clicked and on which links; who unsubscribed or sent it on to someone else.
It's all gold dust, marketing-wise. Go for email marketing and you'll not miss a trick.

Nick from ExtraMile Communications


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