Posted 5th September 2009 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

Viral marketing: we've all heard of it, but how many of us know what it is or how to achieve it?

You'll clearly remember great viral video campaigns - the Ford Ka's evil twin, for example or the drum-playing Cadbury gorilla?
Small and medium businesses cannot aspire to these heights, but they can still go viral, with one simple technique that's a central pillar of email marketing: Tell a Friend. The principle is this, your email goes out to your email list (all with permission), bearing not only the usual subscribe and unsubscribe messages, but also a "Tell a Friend" or "Forward to a Friend" link. Anyone who clicks the link gets taken to a page where they can enter either one or more email addresses and a brief message. The new addressees receive a copy of the mail, along with the message and then have the option to subscribe - and also to pass it on.
Growing your newsletter subscriber base couldn't be easier.

Nick from ExtraMile Communications


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