Posted 23rd June 2010 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

Clicks are the gold dust of email marketing. Garner clicks and you get management information, subscriber buy-in and end results for your business.

You wouldn't believe how many times clients have said, 'Oh, we'll not bother with a link on that article.' Why? Simply because they have no suitable landing page for a click to link to. What is the point of an article unless a call to action encourages you to click?
So, how do you get beyond the standard Read more, Buy now and Find out more? The answer lies in a bit of creative writing and in keeping your copy in the email as a teaser for the main body copy on the landing page. An example:
The best holidays in the sun are somewhere you'd never expect: a land that's land-locked yet has great lakes; a country that is financially poor but culturally rich; an environment that hosts a thousand species not seen in your country, yet seems like home from home. Interested? Find out more here ...

Er - sorry, made it all up, but you get the idea. Entice to the clickthrough. The meat is on the landing page. Don't tell the whole story. Find out more here - (drat, I've told the whole story, haven't I?)

Nick from ExtraMile Communications
PS - Oh, by the way, we've just updated our website after only eight months. Inefficiency? Far from it. We're changing to meet the needs of our marketplace and their needs for our services.


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