Posted 11th September 2009 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

Many email marketers don't personalise their email communications to their subscribers. The reason? It's too hard to be sure that they're going to get it right. However, they're missing a trick.

The secret to success is having a subscriber list opt-in form (that ensures your subscribers have given permission for you to mail to them) that the reader completes him or herself. That way, you know that the data will be correct and that 'George Smith' is not going to be called 'Mrs Smith' in any emailing you send. Getting it wrong is fairly unforgivable (A hostage to fortune? I should say so - speaking with the experience of having got it seriously wrong many years ago). So one either does personalisation or one doesn't. How confident are you in your data? If you've bought in data, how confident are you that your data are reliable? (This is one reason why we never mail with bought-in data, by the way.)
Getting the personalisation right is easy. Add 'Dear [Firstname]' (or relevant data field name) to your mailing, plus similar fields for other data that you want to insert that you know are in your database. Then merge and send. Get personal!

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