Posted 7th December 2017 | By Amelia Eckersley, Search Engine Marketing Specialist

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Technology is constantly evolving. New and exciting advancements are taking place all the time – whether it’s the development of Artificial Intelligence or an update on our favourite piece of tech, 2017 has been full of surprises. Take a look at our most notable moments…

NHS Hack


Is this potentially the biggest hack that has ever occurred? If not the biggest, it could most certainly be regarded as one of the most dangerous. So, what actually happened then? Well, hackers blocked access to the most sensitive of medical data. When medical staff came to open these files, a message popped up onto the screen that demanded a $300 ransom to access the protected documents.

Uber Hack


It’s not very often that users know about a hack the day, the week or even the month their sensitive data was exposed. So, this hack happened in October 2016 and it took a year for Uber to come clean about the misfortune. 2.7 million users were affected, Uber themselves have said:

“This (number) is an approximation rather than an accurate and definitive count because sometimes the information we get through the app or our website that we use to assign a country code is not the same as the country where a person actually lives”.

The 10-Year Anniversary of Apple’s iPhone


10 years of the iPhone reign – can you believe it’s only been 10? I can barely remember a time before the iPhone existed! In September 2017, eager Apple fans everywhere waited in anticipation...they could sense something big was about to happen. Much to their delight, the tech giants announced that they’d be releasing not one, but two iPhones. Their names? iPhone X and iPhone 8. The radical redesign of the iPhone X boasts OLED display, wireless charging and facial recognition.

Twitter Characters Extend


This year, Twitter finally extended their character limit from 140 to 280. This seems like a small change but this doubling of characters was a big move for Twitter. Twitter was originally designed in conjunction with SMS (that’s text messaging to you and me) and mimicked the break in the message. Fun fact: this character extension doesn’t apply to Japanese, Korean or Chinese languages.

Bitcoin & Ethereum


2017: the year of the digital currency – some might say. Whilst Bitcoin and Ethereum might sound like some sort of planet populated by extra-terrestrial life, it is indeed, a real currency that we use here on planet earth. In the latter half of 2017, bitcoin reached an all-time high of $9,033 a share. Will it all come crashing down? Only time will tell.


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