Posted 25th July 2016 | By Jack Rogers, Web Designer

Hello again! It's that time again for me to write a new blog post all about the latest news in design and to update you on what's new in the studio with the designers. I'm sure you've all read my previous blog post on the exciting piece of software that we we're experimenting with in the studio and this time we have stumbled upon another great design tool.


So what have we been doing apart from working incredibly hard on our projects? We have been using a new design app from Adobe called Adobe Capture. This app allows you to take photos with your phone and turn these into a digital format that you can use in your designs to make them unique and a lot more personal. This can be anything - from a drawing you made on a piece of paper or simply a photo of your favourite building.

Adobe Capture is very easy for us to use in the studio and allows us to take our designs to the next level. It takes us a couple of minutes to go from concept drawing to digital drawing, and it then being implemented into our design.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how it works for us.





Step 1: We sketch our design onto any piece of paper we can find.
Step 2: We use the app to take a picture of the drawing, which converts it to a digital file.
Step 3: We load this file into illustrator and we can make edits to tidy up our drawing.
Step 4: We can then start to change colours and manipulate the drawing even further.

So how does this benefit our designs? We can't do this on every design we work on, as the project needs to have the right personality in order for it to work as well as it can do. For example, we would be able to use these features on a website that is more relaxed and personable such as a pub or restaurant. However, it wouldn't suit a website for a law firm as this website needs to be presented as professional as possible and these illustrations may take detract from that.

In this this example we showed you a basic drawing that we would use as buttons within one of our designs. This is only a small step into what we can do with this App and we are really looking forward to using it to its full potential in future projects.

Thanks for reading, Jack.

Written by Jack Rogers, Web Designer at ExtraMile Communications.


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