Posted 10th August 2015 | By James Roberts, Sales and Marketing Manager

What's the main point of your website? Different companies have different goals to achieve from their website, but the vast majority would say its primary purpose is to attract new clients/customers and drive business forward. If this is the case for you, we now offer an extra service that might just be of interest...

ExtraMile Analytics is a system that can inform you, and more importantly your sales team, which companies are visiting your website. The system not only tracks who's visiting your site, but also which pages they view and how long they spend on them. All of this data is fantastic for your sales and marketing teams as not only does it help you improve your website by learning, and understanding the behavior of your website visitors, it also allows you to know what companies are visiting your site, be it an existing client, prospect, or even a competitor! So when a prospective company has been on your website, but not contacted you, ExtraMile Analytics gives your sales team the chance to turn them from a prospect into a client!

We offer ExtraMile Analytics for a no obligation 30-day free trial and if it works for you, you'll have the option to continue on a pay monthly basis; we'll not insist on you signing up for a lengthy contract!

If you're interested in finding out more, please drop us a line.

Written by James Roberts, Sales and Marketing Executive at ExtraMile Communications.


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