Posted 25th November 2009 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

Email is not just a web page sent over a mailing system. Judging by some of the emails that fly through the ether, there are many people out there who think differently.

The difference is, their emails don't work everywhere they land. It's not just about good content or quality design.
Take Outlook 2007, for example. It's the bane of many email marketer's lives. Why? Because it uses a different set of html standards from other email software. What does this mean? Essentially, you need to write your email code (oh yes, we get down to coding level here - frightened yet?) so that it is welcomed and embraced by whichever software is being asked to present it.
Techie talk for a minute: you'll need to think about CSS (or actually not, because many email clients don't like it) and background images (same problem) as well as specific idiosyncrasies such as the way that tables are presented (particularly if they are nested). Gosh, there's so much - and guess what - expert email marketers will know all about them. Those who don't know will serve up an apparently beautiful template - which will break instantly, once it arrives at its destination. Best stick with the experts?

Nick from ExtraMile Communications in Staffordshire


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