Posted 4th September 2009 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

One of the most frustrating things in marketing is to receive (or worse still to send) a lovingly designed email that promotes your favourite product or service, and then to find that the mail - for whatever reason - doesn't work.

Why would that happen? There are plenty of reasons and, boy, we've seen them all here:
- Links are broken or go to the wrong page
- Images don't appear
- The mail is full of errors - spelling, grammar, facts and sometimes misleading or downright wrong information
- Key elements are missing: where's the phone number, the call to action, the footer or the web address?
- Colour branding is wrong or doesn't match the company style guide
- Prices are missing, incorrect, or don't show applicable VAT (they should)
- Dates are fictional - there is no Thursday 4 September this year
What does all this say to the recipients of that email? And why in fact does this all happen? Frequently, it's because no one has quality checked the mail or, if they have, they are too close to it (maybe they created it) or they simply don't know what to look for. Get someone from outside to go through it with the proverbial fine-toothed comb: then listen to what they have to say. Test it. Revise it. Test it again. Get it right. You need to bend over backwards to make sure it's right.

Nick from ExtraMile Communications


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