Posted 2nd September 2009 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

If you're looking for new markets, then Europe is your obvious choice. Across the water is a community that's substantially bigger than that of the US (500m against 300m) - and we're part of it.

Not to address it is really missing a trick. However, the problem? They speak other languages.

Our traditional reserve means that few of us do modern languages - so you need access to people who will translate for you. Then, the translations can go into your html templates for emailing.
Other things to watch out for when emailing to your European contacts:
- Data protection legislation: Europeans don't like spam any more than we do - make sure your lists have legitimate opt-in permission
- Prices: watch out for the format of the price, and always include VAT
- Landing page: make sure your website pages to which you are directing people are localised into the relevant language (you can put a Google translator button on them which will translate them after a fashion)
- Notes: tell people if prices are subject to fluctuations due to exchange rate shift; let them know if they may hit English pages in your materials
There's lots more - if you want to ask anything about European emailing, just reply to this post ...

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