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All businesses need the visibility, vitality and viral effect of e-marketing in order to stay competitive:

Websites: In April 2010, Google received 4.1 billion search page views in the UK each one will have resulted in a click through to someone's website. Do you have a website and, more importantly, do people find it? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) makes your website work for you.
If your competitors sell online and you don't, you may like to know that 66% of UK people aged from 16 to 74 made an online purchase during 2009. Guess what, it's not slowing down. The average UK shopper spent 1,102 online in 2009, and the UK overall spent 38bn.
Email marketing: Postal mail doesn't stand a chance next to well-executed, permission-based, email marketing. It gives your business a cost-effective and measurable way to engage with potential customers and drive them to your website to build sales.
Social media: It's the crossroads between business and everyday life. Does your company use Facebook or Twitter to keep your name, products and services in front of customers and prospects? Social networking accounts for nearly a quarter (23%) of all time spent online. It has become a key element in the marketing mix and extends your reach to prospects you never knew you had how? By getting other people to do your marketing, for free!
All businesses wanting to compete in today's consumer-driven marketplace need a website, complemented by good email marketing, underpinned by social network integration.

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