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In today's market, e-commerce is proving more and more essential in making a product based business more profitable.

As the high street takes a big hit in sales, online presence is becoming evermore competitive and will continue to do so.
E-commerce opens up a huge array of positives, if done properly. With a lot of modern businesses, sales are purely done through a website which means less in the way of overheads and more time to be able to concentrate on driving the business.

How can e-commerce help you?

E-commerce helps you into developing the ability to attract new customers. Think of it as a Point of Sale stand in a shop - the more people you attract to it, the more sales you're going to get. In a web environment, content, imagery and colours can change much more efficiently than in a physical shop. You can cut out any middle man and focus on driving sales through visuals alone - giving a lot of modern day Internet users a more satisfactory shopping experience.

How can e-commerce boost your business?

1. Increase your target market
You're not just a shop on the corner of a small town's High Street, you're open to the entire web. Promote your website in such a way and you will open up business from around the globe, with much more in the way of a customer range looking at it.
2. Use of a database driven catalogue
Every single item you wish to sell can be part of your online catalogue and adding a product generally takes no longer than 10 minutes, thus decreasing the amount of time pricing up items.
3. Drive custom
E-commerce websites offer a lot in the way of advanced functionality which can help promote items or drive sales, all under one roof. Shift stock using a Sale or Discount section, allow the use of coupons for returning customers, or recommend products that you see are related to what customers have already added to their basket.
4. Manage your inventory
Tools like stock control are important if you want to keep tabs on your ingoings and outgoings. Increase efficiency by managing your stock within your e-commerce system.
5. Do it on the go
Online businesses can be managed from anywhere, provided you have some form of Internet connection. Add products, respond to emails and increase the level of customer service by being able to manage your business from wherever. Don't forget, customers now shop on the go using mobile and tablet devices, which is why having a responsive website makes your business even more accessible.

How to make your e-commerce site perform.

We all know e-commerce cuts out most of the customer interaction altogether. Try introducing some of the customer experience into your site with these handy tips:
1. Give new users a warm welcome or greeting (for instance, a welcome message or an instant coupon code).
2. Drive newsletter subscriptions and send out emails - after all, this is a known method of getting repeat custom.
3. Push people to engage with your content - maybe through social media. Add an offer to a product and get people to share it through Facebook and Twitter - you'll be amazed at how well received this could be if a customer thinks they're getting something for free.
4. Help people by highlighting page functionality - tool tips, language used, etc.
5. Create a sense of urgency by pushing stock (ONLY 10 LEFT - BUY NOW!)
6. Have different delivery thresholds at the cart stage - this allows users to freely select what they want based on urgency and budget.

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Written by Matt Preston, Design and Projects Co-ordinator



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