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Hi all. This is my second design hour and for this week I am going to base the theme around another obsession of mine. Clothes. I like them, I want them and I can't stop buying them. So whilst doing this research I have had to have strong will power not to bring out the card and make one or two purchases along the way.

This ain't no fashion faux pas..

Starting in the world of web, lets take a look some impressive fashion websites

Greats - A fantastic looking site using large imagery for full impact. This E-Commerce site only has two types of sneakers to sell in a few different styles. This probably makes it easier to create this kind of site as there is no need for lots of content. That way the images can do the talking. I also like the overall style of the site having a vintage hint with the font choice and the colour scheme throughout. It is also responsive and adapts very smoothly through the different device sizes.

Skinny Ties - This is a fun and playful site with some simple but really effective navigation. I really like the way that on the drop down menus, all the sub menu items are accompanied by an image making them visually descriptive. There is also some simple animation applied as you hover over one of the ties on the home page. The individual product pages are bold but straight to the point. I think this site is great from a users point of view and makes each step for purchasing a beautiful skinny tie wonderfully easy and enjoyable along the way. The site is also responsive so you can have a great tie buying experience no matter what device you are on. Having said that I have not had a need or desire to wear a tie since I left school (a couple of years a go!). 

Tudor Watches - An impressive and atmospheric full width responsive site for some beautiful watches. Again, large clear images play a role in making this site what it is. However, there are other clever bits of design which make it stand out. On the home page we have a hint of parallax scrolling as you scroll down from the home page, whilst the footer unusually takes up quite a lot of space, having an eclipse style side angle shot of a watch. The photography of the products is not your ordinary front on shot against a white back drop or perhaps showing the watch on someone's wrist. All against a black background taken from all angles and distances, the photography has a similar feel to that of a high end car. I also like the simple colour scheme of red, black and white. Not often a combination I like, but the bold and contrasting colours I feel work here. I also love the simple and minimal logo.

True and Co Anniversary Site - One for both boys and girls here I think. A lovely looking site about bras with an impressive landing image. I like this site not just because of the lovely products they sell but because it makes a great job of having a feminine feel and look without becoming overly girly. I don't often design feminine looking sites and many of the sites I look into, admire and research don't go down this route either. It goes against the grain of white space and minimalism and I think the subtlety of the femininity is handled really well here, especially for such a female oriented product and the use of pink in several different shades. The little bits of illustration help to soften the design along with the hand drawn font dotted about. This gives me some great inspiration in feminine oriented design.

Prince Ink - This is a small company that produces screen printed t-shirts. Although this site is not responsive I really like the layout of the site and vintage feel to it. Navigation is simple and each page has a clean and clear structure. I also like the little pop down "contact us" bit.

Big Cartel - Big big big. Everything in this site is big and full width. For those who are unaware of Big Cartel, it is a web shop platfom that provides you with your own independent store to sell your stuff online. It's targeted to small, indie brand owners. This site however is all about Big Cartel's own brand related products. A lot of people don't like scrolling. However, I like it. I like the journey a single webpage can take me on and can open up an array of information in so many different ways using clever CSS or JQuery effects.  Although this long home page does not have all singing and all dancing effects that are available there are some subtle bits of animation on the text as you scroll down the page. You scroll through a number of full width sections until you hit the products section. On clicking on one of these items, you are taken to an impressive and full width product page, again using some fantastic large scale images. A clean and bold site which also looks great on all devices.

Ok - enough of the web world of fashion. Let's go to the graphics.

Here is a showcase of some classic and not so classic fashion logos. Click on the images to link to their associated website.

Here are three of my favourite illustrated logos belonging to some of my favourite labels.

Paul Frank  A Bathing Ape Commes Des Garcons Play

Some classic logos all making use of the beautiful symmetry of letters.

Chanel Fendi Givenchy

Some lesser known fashion brands but some nice looking simple and vintage style logos

Sergeant Pepper Clothing Nobel Menswear Indigo & Cotton

Finally I looked into some clever bits of packaging in the fashion world. It's not just the item of clothing people buy into, it's how the clothing itself is dressed up that captures the audience.

Back around 6 years ago Adidas did a collaboration with Star Wars to produce some iconic and collectable footwear. The first couple of releases were produced in a bubble style packaging reminiscent of the replica figures children used to have as toys. The trainers were also styled upon different characters within the film or revolved around iconic scenes. Some of these trainers, especially with the bubble packaging, have now tripled their value. Clever bit of marketing.

Adidas x Star Wars

Another fantastic bit of packaging comes from Festina watches. In order to show off to their customers and to back up their promise of the waterproof quality of their items, they packaged some of the watches in a bag of distilled water. That's confidence for you.

Festina Watches

Feeling hungry? Well I'm not sure you will after this. A clever but slightly disturbing piece of packaging is illustrated below. A company producing shorts with a meat graphic on them decided to package them up like a piece of meat. Cellophane tray and everything. I wouldn't know whether to put them on or put them in oven.

Meat Shorts


Well that concludes my design hour for this week. I hope you have enjoyed it and I've tickled your design taste buds. Until next time.

Written by Laura Bennett, designer at ExtraMile Communications. 

At ExtraMile we try to take an hour out each week to look around us at what others do and to gain inspiration and to admire people's creativity. Each post in this series is one staff member's take on the world of web, design and things online. We hope you enjoy it.


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