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Hello all. To give me some direction in my design hours, I thought it would be good to try and theme them. This first instalment will delight several members of you I'm sure as you are such fans of the subject. Cats.

Yes, cats. I'll be attempting to (loosely) combine two loves of my life. Design and the feline species.

Let's head to the web.

World of Puma

The World of Puma website has some really nice design elements, full width images and makes uses of plenty of new CSS3 trickery. Transforms and transitions have been applied over hover states and little snippets of animation appear in the background using both CSS3 animation and the HTML5 Canvas tag. Subtle but very sweet. The site is also multilingual and has a lovely navigation menu on the side to help you choose your language.

Onitsuka Tiger

Another sports make with a cat name! Like Puma this uses fantastic full width images for real impact. This site also has some great navigation to it and uses it to great effect to create an impressive “one-page” website. Little call to action arrows entice you to click them. On clicking, the full section smoothly expands to reveal its entire content. Nice.

Ed Banger Room

This is a bit of a loose connection to my cat theme. But I had to squeeze it in. The French fashionista trio who are behind this site used to be called “Cool Cats” but have now renamed themselves as “Club75”. Anyway, these ”Cool Cats” stick their creative thumbs in a vast amount of pies, including music, art and fashion. This site is attached to the music side of things and charts the history of “Ed Banger” records label in a Flash based interactive and animated timeline. Lots of fun stuff to play with here, even if you don’t like to rave it up to the sound of French electro house music.


What about the cats and graphics I hear you say?

Well don’t fret. Here are some eyeCATching examples.




Some really smart and clever ideas for both logos and packaging here.

And it's not just that cats are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and great company. They are great for your marketing strategy!

Check out this infograph. It is a fact that people just cannot get enough of them on the internet and we can leverage that to our advantage.

Cats vs Bacon

Here is the full infograph.

Moving on to a more serious note however. Some lovely typography being put to use here for the branding of this cat named bake shop and beer garden. Both a block sans-serif font and script font being beautifully used in conjunction with one another.

Easy Tiger


Written by Laura Bennett, designer at ExtraMile Communications. I hope you have all enjoyed my first instalment of Design Hour. I can't wait for my next one!

At ExtraMile we try to take an hour out each week to look around us at what others do and to gain inspiration and to admire people's creativity. Each post in this series is one staff member's take on the world of web, design and things online. We hope you enjoy it.


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