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Hey there. Here are the latest design findings, tickling my fancy this month.

In the world of web

G'nosh. A great website to start out with. Beautifully collaged, a nightmare arrangement, yet you still want to scroll down the page. I think the combination of the rustic board surface and beautiful photography lift this design. Of course, the typography is brilliant. A real great brand identity going on here. Babaghanoush.

Tool of North America. About what you'd expect from a production company. This website leads with text overlaying some form of abstract video. They work very hard on their website, I've seen it change video on a few occasions. I particularly like the Awards page - "314 awards you wish you had". Well yes, but I came 2nd in a year 7 chess tournament.

Built by Buffalo. I came across this through Pinterest and loved how modern it looks. It kind of reminds me of what we've been producing for Spice recently - hexagonal, geometric. I'm loving the use of hexagons in anything at the moment as they're a bold shape. A statement, but not too much like a warning. Some fancy trickery going on in the code to make the hexagons line up properly.

FCINQ. I love this site. First of all, I love all the sweets on the second banner image. I love how the menu is big and bold. It may be annoying for some people wanting to reach the bottom of the page, but I really quite like how they have all their projects archived. Scrolling down means more and more appear, going backwards in date. You can eventually get to the bottom of the page. Works magnificently as a responsive site too.

Vitamin 2. I do not understand a word of this, yet the simplicity and animation make me want to play around with this site. I'm liking sites with fruit on at the moment. It feels like you're being good, not piling on the pounds!

Hotel Style. Alright, ignore the opening video. On my screen, it's not rendering very well. Open up the main part of the website and you'll see what I mean. Some absolutely fantastic photography. Visual effects are stunning, scrolling down brings up some lovely grids with simple zoom effects. I also like the way they've used one model throughout - not your average model. It kind of backs up my point that real men don't shave.



Good grief Matt. Have you gone logo mad? Well, yes. I think I can leave you to decide which are your favourites. There's a lot of different styles going on, all as attractive as the next.

In other design:
I'm going to show a little bit of packaging design this month.

Honey, I made some great packaging. I absolutely love this BEEloved design - from the branding, right up to the cleverly formed bottle. Sure, it's a logistical nightmare and you probably wouldn't get all the honey out of it, but I'd have this on my mantle piece.

Beer. Does exactly what it says on the… can. I think this design is refreshing, even if you're not into beer. It's the kind of thing you might go for on a hot summer's day.

What's this? A whiskey in the shape of an aftershave bottle. It's even been branded like an aftershave. An ingenious way of merging two very distinct items to appeal to both audiences.

Smell the bread. This lovely hand made bread company started producing some packaging with air holes in, so you can get a waft of that fresh-baked smell.

My font of the week


Wisdom Script. Beautifully crafted, condensed script font. This is really one of those fonts for any modern logo type, or to 'bridge the gap' between something a lot bolder - ideal for badges and uses of articles within sentences.

Written by Matt Preston, designer at ExtraMile Communications. Visit my Pinterest page to see what else floats my boat!

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