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Hello everyone, I've become increasingly more active on Pinterest this month. I'm finding it a very useful tool for design inspiration, so will be posting stuff mostly from what I've pinned!

In the world of web

Fostr. Look at the colour and illustration on this website. It's so simple, but fun at the same time. It's how I'd want every website to look; but then that might be boring. The app is much the same - a lovely little logo, quirky illustrations and icons, it has a real good brand identity. The site works great responsively too.

Hofstede. This is an incredibly minimal website, yet you'll see rolling over the hero image brings life to the website. It's subtle things like this that would make me want to read on and view the rest of the site. It's what you'd expect from a branding agency - something modern and clean, with their portfolio doing the talking. It's a lot like visiting an art gallery, online.

Sweez. This site won Site of the Day and it's obvious why. No, not because of the cake! It uses some mouth-watering imagery to tempt you into looking through the rest of the site. The site uses web fonts brilliantly, having an excellent way of displaying the text on top of the image; this is a sign that the photography has been very carefully thought about, to make sure that the website's content doesn't get in the way. I also love the gooey effect running through the website - lovely stuff.

Harry's. Wake up Matt. You need a shave. This is a very stylish looking website - big, bold and has a great brand identity behind it. All the razors, creams and packaging are very consistent. There's also a quaint vintage feel to this draws me in to looking at their products. I do need a new razor. I might purchase one. I'm just kidding. Real men don't shave.

Food & Life. This is an entire branding job, but includes a website design in there. If you'll scroll down to the recipe page, I think you'll agree that this is an awesome layout. It might look a little busy on first impressions but the actual recipe and ingredients are well laid out, with the ability to watch a video underneath. I cannot find this site anywhere on Google so it leads me to believe it was never built, which is an absolute shame.

What time is it? Did someone say logos?:


I think it's safe to say that there's a logo-verload this week. These are all the kinds of logos I'd love to be creating myself - sometimes it's about coming up with a quirky company name so that there's scope to create brands like this. I particularly love Bearhanded and Optimistic Beverages, for their tongue in cheek nature.

In other design:


There's some awesome Photoshoppery going on with the coconuts in this. I do very much like the brand.


A chocolate grenade bomb? I want one! A brilliant use of inventiveness and packaging design. Amazingly, only 500 calories. 367 if you discount all the shards that are on the floor. 10 second rule!


I don't know what on earth this Artistrie brand is as I've Googled it but cannot seem to find a website, but I love this image. I need to know what the font is too.

My font of the week

gotham  gotham-g

Gotham. Or as my friend first called it, "Got Ham?".
I never realised until recently how many versions of the font there are - light, condensed and dense ones. I always thought the dense font was Gotham, full stop. It's big and brash and works great with a text shadow. Unfortunately, much like Proxima Nova, there's no free web version available. A font very close to this is Montserrat, but it doesn't come with all the weights Gotham has.

And finally…


These are great wine bottles for those awkward moments in life. I think the one on the right would actually make a great talking point for a first date! On the other hand, it could be where I'm going wrong.

Written by Matt Preston, designer at ExtraMile Communications. Visit my Pinterest page to see what else floats my boat!

At ExtraMile we try to take an hour out each week to look around us at what others do and to gain inspiration and to admire people's creativity. Each post in this series is one staff member's take on the world of web, design and things online. We hope you enjoy it.


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