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Here's this month's findings in the design and web world. I'm going to be focusing on mainly typography in this issue.

In the world of web

Alex Pierce. A nice, punchy one to kick things off. It's simple, yet effective - huge, bold type. Playful language. It's certainly very inviting. I really like some of the branding work he's done within his portfolio too, some very varied stuff there. He's had the opportunity to work on some very interesting and quirky projects.

NZ Opera. The rest of the site perhaps isn't too interesting but I do like the opening page and its use of typography. This has had a few different background images over time. The logo is different, I don't get it; but that's why I like it. Scrolling down, you get a mysterious wink from the chap.

Design Week Portland. Such a simple yet impactful website. I love the use of typography all throughout the website, from on the splash video page to the little chunks on the Information page. I also like the way they've minimised their logo down to its initials throughout the rest of the site. It's using a font called Colfax, which I may well look into.

Gareth Lawn. I really like what this designer does. Not only does he use some unique fonts on his website, all the work he does seems very type based. I'm particularly a fan of the logo and branding he's done for Uncle Chops Smokehouse and the use of it being printed onto card. It does give it that country-western restaurant style.

Startup Giraffe. This is another use of parallax scrolling within a website. It's a little confusing as to what they do to on first impressions, but scrolling down gives you a greater idea. There's all kinds of use of different typefaces - having all sorts of orientations, but they still manage to keep the site uniform. It's a little disturbing the staff relating themselves to giraffes! Each to their own…

Here's a few email templates from Campaign Monitor:

Republic. This one stands out to me, firstly because of the logo adding some dimension to the mail and secondly because of the informal use of language. I really like the use of the CTA at the top to share the mail.

Country Culture Australia. I do like the logo type and the overall look and feel of the mail; the colour contrasts, the imagery used. It's a great layout.

Canvas. A lot of people seem to be using this retro cubic look at the moment. I'm not sure if it's a fad, but the use of it in this mail is sweet. Again, really liking the use of type within the entire mail, there's lots of variety going on. I would actually be interested in going to this event - there's talks about the future of web design and interaction.

Here's some of my favourite works or logos using typography:


You'll see I've focused on purely type based logos. All with varied meanings, all with careful use of how the audience perceives them. I really love MNML as it strips out all vowels yet you can still pick up the meaning.

In other typographical design:


Poster design is one of my favourite things. I love how you can get such a powerful message across with such a simple design. This one for the WWF is a prime example.

My font of the week


Ostrich Sans. There's a lot more condensed uppercase fonts being introduced to web design. Ostrich Sans is currently one of my favourite fonts but haven't felt that I could use it in anything yet. Who knows, maybe it could be part of the new website - although it does come in only capitals! I love that there are many different types to this font, it's quite versatile; from a rounded version, even up to a glyph version.

And finally…


I wish all signs were this ironic. Imagine the havoc created on our roads.

Written by Matt Preston, designer at ExtraMile Communications.

At ExtraMile we try to take an hour out each week to look around us at what others do and to gain inspiration and to admire people's creativity. Each post in this series is one staff member's take on the world of web, design and things online. We hope you enjoy it.


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