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Hiya readers,

In this issue I thought I'd focus my efforts on sites for the adrenaline junkie among us - sports, excitement, EXTREME! I'm about as placid as a sloth - fairly even tempered, not easily upset or excited (hopefully you now get the main image).

I'm not an adrenaline junkie. Why I thought this was appropriate is because I'm doing a sky dive for The Donna Louise Children's Hospice later on in the year. Don't ask, it's one thing I've always wanted to do and as I'm in that quarter-life crisis zone I thought I'd get it out the way before I'm 30!

Anyway, enough about me. Let's talk about design. Here's what I've come across in the world of web:

Fight4Pride. I love <3 love this design and its brand unity. The logo itself has some obscure characters that resemble breakage. It's torn, yet uniform at the same time. This theme follows through the website, where any title text gets shattered up through movement - much like broken glass. It really gets to the core of the extremity of the fight, yet the rest of the website is simple, image heavy and has some lovely movement. It's brash, butch and a whole lotta extreme.

Protest Boardwear. For a predominantly e-commerce style site, it brings along a lot of cool effects and also delves into the world of snowboarding and skiing - giving you taster videos of their marketing campaign called Pin-it. Think of it as an M&S advert, for skiwear. I like the effect on the splash screen when switching between Men, Women and Kids wear. Going further on into the site, you'll see the e-com element is clean and crisp. The side bar adds so much more in the way of navigation and accessibility.

Stephan Siegrist. This guy, is my hero. Okay, so it's not particularly the most attractive website or one with fancy prancy features, but just look at the imagery. He's tightrope walking between two peaks. Tightrope walking! Extreme.

DICK's Sporting Goods. I like how most of this website is video based - even right through to the product specifics. It gives you a whole new dimension on a product page, in that you can see it in action. The navigation I feel is fairly awkward but I think the approach is very different and it's great to see a new take on a product based website.

Garmin VIRB. The VIRB is designed for extreme sporties - it's the perfect invention for anyone trekking, mountaineering, surfing, skiing - you name it. What I like about this website is they've taken all this into account, but not forgotten about the whole other audience it could appeal to as well - even taking it on a simple holiday or capturing magical moments in one's life. The VIRB follows you throughout the site and you can see it from all angles - it plays on the theme that the device is going to take a beating. Extreme.

In email design:

Rapha. It's sports related. I just love the leading image within this email - it's built with mobile devices in mind - more portrait than landscape. What better way to do this than for one long image. It draws you in and makes you want to look at the rest of the email, which doesn't disappoint. Kind of a bummer if you have images turned off in your email client though!

BANFF Mountain Film Festival. Not the best email design or layout but it's probably the only other adventure based email I've come across! A lovely image to begin with. Links to videos are always a winner in a mail - you insitinctively react to wanting to press it and although videos can't be played within the mail, it links out to the video and you're able to track it.

Extreme logos:

Alright, let's give up the extreme theme... it doesn't really apply to a logo does it?


Just a few examples for you this time of some sporting logos and their hidden meanings.

Have you ever noticed the cyclist in the Tour de France logo? The letter O symbolises the back wheel of the cycle, the U is the saddle and the R is the cyclist. How about when you turn the Chicago Bulls logo upside down, you see a roboto sitting on a bench reading a book? That's not the real meaning - the red on the tips of the horns are supposed to represent the blood of thine enemies. Quite sinister really. Finally, the lines in the Adidas logo symbolise a mountain and its varying levels - believe and you will achieve, make your way to the top of your game.

My font of the month

Economica. This is a beautiful condensed and slightly sharpened typeface that is probably best tailored to display type or titles. It's industrious, which is why it probably suits more of a technological web environment more - think data, computers, microchips. Mmm, microchips. It's not available in too many styles although I must make used of this font overlaying an image one day - it'll be perfectly legible and a good space saver!


And finally...

I'll leave you with this. As I face my ultimate challenge of jumping out of a plane in May 2015, spare a thought for this 80 year old dear who came loose out of her harness whilst jumping out of a plane.


Written by Matt Preston, Lead Designer & Projects Co-ordinator at ExtraMile Communications. 

At ExtraMile we try to take an hour out each week to look around us at what others do and to gain inspiration and to admire people's creativity. Each post in this series is one staff member's take on the world of web, design and things online. We hope you enjoy it.




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