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Here are my design findings this month:

In the world of web

We Are Royale. More of an advertising agency but there's a huge variety of styles going on. It's interesting scrolling through the images on the very first page as there is a lot of colour going on. I also like how the logo changes colour to adapt to the surroundings. I think they're missing a trick by not being a responsive site, as the Work page is beautifully laid out.

iconmonstr. For anyone looking for icons for one of our sites (I know I frequently do) I've stumbled upon an excellent website for them. The way it's laid out is super quirky and the functionality is great - you can download as high res as possible and then vectorise them from there.

World Baking Day. Cakes galore! This is a beautifully designed responsive site with a lovely use of images. I like the colour schemes and the fonts used, although I don't get the scroll bar to the right - I wanted to click and drag it but nothing happened.
This site should have it's own disclaimer. Warning: not for the hungry.

Range Rover Evoque. I really love the movement on this site. I think it's very stylish and partners the vehicle with that Posh Spice very well. It doesn't need a navigation as it is purely a showcase of the product.
This car comes with a four piece luggage set: watch out Hillsalive!

Cantilever Chippy. Is there a food theme running throughout this? I love the new-vintage look of this website. It really gives a feel for being an old, family run fish and chippery. I love the font used on the menu - you may find it hard to decide what you want but it is fun! My instant thought for this site is that it was a seaside chip shop but they're further in from the estuary than I thought.

A couple of email templates from Campaign Monitor:
Ghost. I came across this earlier on in the week. Although very simple, it made me want to read it as there's not a huge amount of text and I find the image at the top so inviting. The use of the icon in the top left - genius.
Rainey Collins Lawyers. Lawyers / Barristers email marketing? Whatever next? I've added this one because although it's lengthy and there's way too much text, it is quite a stylish design and they also lift that general "suit" image that lawyers have by adding a personal touch to the articles with their images.

In other design

Minimalism gone mad - a new playing card idea from product designer Joe Douchet makes minimalism even more minimalist!
You'd think playing cards were already minimalist enough, however Douchet has stripped out the main image of the card and added them as numbers instead. Geometric shapes have replaced hearts, spades and clubs.

Not sure how a game of snap would work!




It's logo time:


I thought I'd carry on the negative space theme from last time as we all liked that. Here's 3 more examples of great negative space used within logos. There seems to be a lot of wine related ones out there - the outline of a wine bottle can form many other shapes it seems! I also love the Snooty Peacock design as it is 2 images in one. Mask speaks for itself. I'm not even sure if these are real companies, or whether logo designers out there just have too much spare time.

My font of the week
Quattrocento Sans is another Google web font I came across that I have used recently. It's a cross between Myriad Pro and Century Gothic, having a rounded quality and when used big it can be absolutely divine. This screen shot doesn't do it justice, but it's certainly one I'll be using more in the future:

And finally…
I'll stick with the food theme. Has anyone ever noticed the tiny body attached to Colonel Sanders' head? Ah hah. Now you can't get that image out of your head.


Written by Matt Preston, designer at ExtraMile Communications.

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