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After a really enjoyable weekend spent at a cycling festival, I thought I would share some of my love for the machines of a two wheeled and pedal variety through the world of digital media.

Here are some of my favourite cycling sites:

L'Eroica Britannia This was the festival I went to this weekend. It is a British version of the famous L’Eroica vintage cycle race based in the Tuscan Hills. This promotional site makes a great entrance with a stunning piece of illustration where the festival details slowly appear over the top. There is a great retro theme throughout the design and I really like the drop down menu and how it incorporates mini articles as well as the usual sub menu links.

Magnus Backstedt This is a promotional site for the professional cyclist and Iron Man Magnus Backstedt. There is some great black and white photography and video on here, highlighted by some nice bits of animation and overlays of personal and professional information. The overall style is my cup of tea with strong typography and bold colour contrast.

Grand Prix Cycliste Gatineau This is a 3-day in Quebec, Canada event which holds one of the most important one day women’s bike races in the cycling calendar. The site has a nicely laid out home page with the full width banner and calendar of events in grid style format below. There are some great block colours in use here in together with some vintage tinted photography.

Velo A smartly designed online bike store selling a multitude of cycling brands.  The desktop view looks pretty good, but I really like how it adapts to mobile environments. The navigation, products and information all remain very accessible as well as looking very stylish.

Curadmir This is tough 3 day cycling event based in Ulster. The site has some pretty snazzy looking things going on including the animated bike chains used whilst pages load and as a hover state. There is also a nice gyroscopic effect on a bike chain on the “What is Curadmir?” page. It moves as your mouse cursor moves. The only bit I don't like on this site is the menu, which expands as you enter the top left area of the site.  The effect is a bit too sensitive and gets a little visually annoying for me!

Your Tour This was a site designed to allow you to digitally explore all the stages of the Tour de France 2013. Using an array of Google products, you can navigate your way around the course from various camera angles situated on a bike. It is almost as if you yourself have completed the race!

It is not just the bikes themselves, which appeal to me. There is an overall design aesthetic attached to much of the cycling paraphernalia. Many of the brands, dating back from years ago have great logos and iconography with associated clothing, accessories and literature adorned with vibrant colours, making the whole cycling scene one big design party.

Here are just a few cycling related design examples which have caught my eye. 

1. 2011 Tour De France Poster by Illustrator Neil Stevens. I pretty much love all of this guys work. 

2. One of the "Attention! Le Tour de France!" posters for Transport for London conceived by advertising agency M&C Saatchi for this years race.

3. A sweet print of some of the many cycling caps I rather admire. The was created by Gumo, a Staffordshire based design and illustration company. Again lots of work I like here.

Neil Stevens Your De France Poster  TFO Tour De France Poster  Gumo Gallery Cycling Caps Poster

Cycling logos which tickled my tastebuds. Even though the age of the logos vary, they all have a bit of a retro theme going on

1. Look  - Inventor of the clipless pedal, of the first carbon frame in 1986 and of the first track single-piece carbon frame. This logo has a bit of a "Mondrian" feel about it.

2. Colnago - One of my favourite bike manufacturers from Italy, founded in 1952. Quite an iconic logo.

3. Martone Cycling Co - A retro logo for a modern cycling company. Stylish city bikes designed for living. The bikes always have a red chain!

Look Cycle Logo Calnago Bikes Logo Martone Cycling Co Logo

One last bit of cycle related design geekness for you to sample is the cycling jersey. There are thousands of designs all awash with colour and patterns. Handy for spotting your favourite rider in peloton! This poster designed by David Sparshott illustrates just a few of some of my favourite tops.

David Sparshott Poster

That is all for this week. I hope you have enjoyed the ride!

Written by Laura Bennett, designer at ExtraMile Communications.

At ExtraMile we try to take an hour out each week to look around us at what others do and to gain inspiration and to admire people's creativity. Each post in this series is one staff member's take on the world of web, design and things online. We hope you enjoy it.


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