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Here's my first in the line of design hours.

In the world of web

Nudge. This site is unbelievably minimal, yet has such an impact. I think the photography is beautiful and I also think there's one particular style going through all the design - it makes me think it's a one-man show. They've created a whole new vintage.

Beatbox Academy. I like this site. I really like this site. I like anything you can play a drum kit on. From a design perspective - look at the concept. Speech bubbles, cymbals and drums. Again, quite minimalist - as you look through the pages you'll see it's all on one page.
PS. I'm taking a month off to go on a Beatboxing course :)

A couple of email templates from Campaign Monitor:
Amplify. I like the simplicity of this email and I rarely receive anything email-wise on a black background. It stands out from the crowd.
Eyetoons. If I subscribed to these, I would read this entire mail. The yellow is so bold and the layout and little animation lift the template somewhat. Lionel Richie (Lion-al Rich Tea) made me giggle.

Bakken & Bæck. What I like about this site is that not only do they produce pretty good looking mobile apps and websites, but they've taken some photos of people using these apps on phones and tablets - with some not-too-shabby photography too. They also work in stables. How cool.

In other design

Has anyone ever been to the Imperial War Museum in Manchester? Daniel Libeskind was the architect on this particular building: (below left)


The inside of the war museum wasn't to my taste - I went purely for the architecture. I find Libeskind's (above left) and Frank Gehry's (above right) work fascinating.

You can't have a design week without having some logos:


I often think that you must be able to design a logo in black and white, before it works with colour added to it. These 3 logos above are prime examples of that. Small concepts, big messages - that's the idea. Logos should only focus on one core concept - if they feature more than one, try merging it into one recognised symbol.

Here's some examples of use of negative space within logos:


To the untrained eye, they take a little more looking at, but logos with negative space often have two messages going on - Flight Finder having the two Fs and a plane in the image and the Food Writers - you instantly see it as a pen nib but then see a spoon inside. Clever stuff.

My font of the week

Josefin Slab is a Google slab-serif font. I've always loved slab-serif fonts but up until recently, we've always been limited to just Rockwell and Geometric Slab - and these are primarily for print. Fortunately, Google have added this little number to their wardrobe of fonts - it's cute, rounded and modern. I think in the right context, this could make a website very special.


And finally…

I'd like to 'Finnish' off with the internationally recognised symbol for Sauna:


Written by Matt Preston, designer at ExtraMile Communications.

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