Posted 20th November 2011 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

Sharing content is a powerful way to get your messages passed around the Twitterverse, LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook or any other socially-enabled medium.

Are you writing a blog for your business - like I am with this one? What's your purpose in writing it? Mine is first of all to share some of the knowledge that my company has - we're nice like that! If I share our knowledge with you, it tells you a couple of things about ExtraMile Communications: firstly, it says that we know what we are talking about - if the topic is authoritative and and of interest to you, you'll take notice. Secondly, it says that we are confident in our content and are therefore willing to share it.

However, when I share content, such as this article, I am also expecting that some of our readers will share it themselves - check out the social bookmark icons at the bottom of this article. Their purpose is to allow you, the reader, to share this article with your community on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. When you click the Share or Like icon for example, the title and topic of the article is put into a post that will come from you in your chosen social medium. You are sharing my content, because you think your colleagues and friends will find it useful. And, better still, it makes my article available to a wider audience that I would never have normally reached - it's the whole principle of social media.
It's worth noting that it's not just blog posts that people can share - you'll see those little social media icons everywhere you go nowadays. For instance, when ExtraMile sends mails for a client, those bookmarks are in the mails too. When someone clicks an icon, the whole mail is shared with that person's chosen community. Spreading the word - very, very powerful indeed.

So, when you write engaging, powerful, relevant content in an attractive way, people will share it. It's about being relevant, being found (in SEO terms) and being readable.

Nick from ExtraMile Communications Ltd in Eccleshall, Staffordshire.

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