Posted 14th April 2011 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

Getting to grips with social media is time-consuming and at times frustrating. You know you should be tweeting regularly, or making posts to Facebook, LinkedIn or to your blog, but you really don't always have the time.

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The bad news is that the blog will have to be written - just like this post - with all the necessary planning and research. It just takes time and no one can do it as well as you can.
The good news is that the posting of tweets and other social media posts to your communities can be semi-automated by using something canny like HootSuite. This clever bit of kit brings together all your main networks in a simple interface so you don't have to have multiple windows open all the time to follow and post to your communities. Better still, you can make the same posts to all your communities, simultaneously with a single operation.
Even better than that, you can (with the Pro version - a paid application with a monthly fee of $5.99) schedule multiple posts/tweets to be sent days or weeks in advance. This can help with your content planning and means you can bulk all of your social media work for the week into a single period of work time.
If you don't choose to have the Pro version, you can still schedule single posts in advance - one at a time. Well worth doing, just as a try-out. HootSuite is free for the basic version - perfectly useable and it will save you time and effort. You won't stop using your normal web page interfaces as well, for example, to add friends etc, but you will benefit from its facilities. You can find HootSuite here. Give it a go. It's free!
Nick from ExtraMile Communications Ltd
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