Posted 6th December 2017 | By Jade Larkin, SEM Manager

christmas advertising fails

Christmas advertising fail number 1

“I know, let’s replace the baby Jesus with a sausage roll!” said somebody in Greggs’ marketing team at some point in 2017.

“Genius idea!” another exclaimed.

A version of the exchange above actually happened (in real, serious life) because Greggs tweeted a nativity scene image with the actual baby Jesus replaced with a sausage roll. So this, advertising fail fans, without any further discussion, is the Christmas advertising fail number 1. Moving swiftly on…

Christmas advertising fail number 2

OK, controversial (or not) but I wasn’t a fan of this year’s John Lewis Christmas ad simply because it was predictable. The John Lewis Christmas ad checklist probably looks like the below:

  • A cover track
  • A child
  • A message about giving presents and feeling really good about giving presents (but only John Lewis presents)
  • An animal/monster/something John Lewis can sell a stuffed version of in store
  • A heart wrenching finish

But hey, it’s John Lewis’ £7million pound to spend (but I will judge this spend if I’m forced to watch the advert in between Gogglebox breaks).

Christmas advertising fail number 3

Have you ever seen that creepy McDonald’s advert from the 80s where some children are skating on the ice and then Ronald appears? Here it is – you are welcome. Replacing Ronald with Stephen King’s Pennywise would not make this ad any creepier.

So there you have it - 3 Christmas advertising fails (in our honest opinion – you may think differently?). And if you think I am being cynical then why are you reading a post about failure? Merry Christmas (PS, the rest of our advent calendar is full of Christmas cheer/positivity/useful things, so please come back!).

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