Posted 16th April 2010 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

It's a really important question, if you're into email marketing: will your system accept emails from mine, because if not, your wasting your time.

You know all about spam blocking - your ISP does it for you and sends you all those unlikely promises of pills, potions and punts - all marked as SPAM, ready for your spam filter to delete them. You probably don't ever see it, but, essentially, you have a set of rules saying "I'll let in mail from people like this, but not from people like this."
When you, as a customer, use a mass email transmission system of the kind used by the professionals, your mails are sent to their targets, apparently coming from your company's domain - e.g. In reality however, they are coming from another server entirely and, if your system has not warned the receiving servers that they are doing this and, yes, it's OK chaps - the receiving servers will simply block you, mark your mail as spam or refuse to allow images to open.
The solution - it's a little thing called DNS records, which we tweak on your email server so that, when it's asked "Are you allowing to send these mails, pretending to be you?", the answer comes back loud and clear - "Absolutely".
Any other answer is death to your email campaign.

Nick from ExtraMile Communications in Staffordshire


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