Posted 28th September 2009 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

Do you really know how well your email campaign has served you to help to build your business?

So out goes your email message to the great wide world. What next? Where's it gone and what has it done? Who opened it, rather than putting it straight to trash? Who unsubscribed? Who clicked through to your website ... and what did they do next? Did anyone forward it to someone else who's on your list? So many questions and here are a few answers:
Professionally produced (and delivered) email communications will help your business grow. They will work better than home-produced ones because:
1. They'll look more professional - this is very important in providing a credible face to the world. Poorly designed mails, which don't work in some email software, are unlikely to win you many fans
2. They'll have embedded tracking that answers the questions about clicks and opens - this means you can answer the "So what?" question when it is asked by your board or boss. With great presentation graphics and stats you can drill down into, you'll be able to justify your marketing spend in a way you never could before
3. They'll be legal with all the relevant subscribe, unsubscribe and tell a friend options activated - these are not just to satisfy the law: they help build your subscriber base and allow you to understand what your clients and prospects are thinking. If they're unsubscribing in droves, you're doing something wrong. If they're forwarding to friends who are then subscribing, you're doing something right. Better still, if your business is growing, then you know you're on a winner.
You need to know what the consequences are of any particular email campaign - then, when you do the next one, you can learn from your mistakes, learn what works and what doesn't, and make it better. Now, you can't do that with postal mailing, can you?

Nick from ExtraMile Communications


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