Posted 9th October 2009 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

It doesn't sound difficult, but managing deliverability is the keystone of good email marketing. If your message isn't delivered then, what's the point?

A number of factors affect deliverability. The first is the spam count. This is governed by elements in your mail which potentially identify it as spam.
The second is the quality of your email list - if it has loads of dead addresses that will bounce, you're unlikely to deliver the rest successfully as your sending system may shut you down, fearing you are a spammer. Check out our post on permission lists and keeping lists up to date.
The third is the quality of your servers. If they are white-listed then you will have implicit approval of ISPs to transmit mails. These are "trusted" servers and so are more likely to get your mail through. Tied into this are numerous technologies to ensure that mailings don't choke networks and are properly authenticated by the sender.
The fourth is your reputation as an email sender. If it's good, you're a winner. If it's not - who you gonna call?

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