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Let’s do something a little different for this blog! Trust me it links in with design, I promise. I’ve decided to merge two of my most favourite topics together, Design and Sport. I’ve decided to discuss an unusual topic compared to my previous posts to mix things up a little bit.

I’ve noticed that sports clubs are becoming more involved in the design world and as a result of this, some of them are making refreshes to their image or completely changing it. I want to discuss whether sports clubs are moving away from tradition, to keep up with modern day design expectations and to become a more well-known “Brand” than a “Club”.

As a designer, I am always reading the latest blogs to keep up with the design world and to make sure I’m not missing out on anything. One thing I always see is designer reviews of logo updates and one that has caught a lot of traction lately is the redesign of the Juventus club crest.

So, what has changed to the Juventus club crest? First of all, I would say it no longer looks like a traditional club crest. Whether this is a good or bad thing I’m honestly not sure. The general consensus around the design community was that this logo was beautiful and a work of art, although the football community wasn't quite as enthusiastic about it. Let’s look at the old and the new. We do not own any images represented below and are courtesy of


Before critiquing the new logo, I wanted to know more about the history of the current logo to make sure I know all the facts. After doing some research into the Juventus logo it’s interesting to see that each element of the old crest had a meaning behind it. These are as follows...

Five Vertical Stripes:
The five vertical stripes (two white and three black) has always been the basis around the club’s traditional home kit of white and black stripes for a numerous amount of years.

The gold curvature:
The gold curvature represents honour. Has this honour disappeared all of a sudden now they have a new crest without this?

The charging bull silhouette and crown:
The bull and crown are associated with the culture and history behind the city of Turin, where Juventus were founded.

Overall I think Juventus are trying what McDonald's did to the letter “M” with the letter “J”. I think the new logo has completely lost all of the traditional elements. With a lot of sports team’s logos, you could remove any text that shows the name of that club and I believe 90% of people would be able to recognise which club that is. With the new Juventus logo, if the Juventus text wasn’t visible I wouldn’t recognise it as a club’s crest and I would associate it more with a clothing company.

It’s strange to find which side I fall on with the new crest, whether I am for it or against it.

As a designer, I really like the minimalist design of the new crest and I do think as an overall brand logo it works great and I can see that all of the design materials that will run alongside this logo will look incredible.

As a football fan, I don’t think the new logo works as well within the football community. I think it takes away everything I recognise about Juventus as the club and removes the tradition and history away from what the old crest represented.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of the sporting community thinks of the new Juventus crest and to see if any other clubs make the bold decision of following in their footsteps and refreshing/remaking their logo.

Thanks for reading, Jack (Web Designer)


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