Posted 22nd February 2017 | By James Roberts, Sales and Marketing Manager

I’m a bit of a fitness geek and in the past few years have become quite a keen runner, having ran several 10k’s and half marathons! Over the last few months I have also taken up swimming and cycling and have somehow managed to enter myself in an Olympic Tri and the Iron Man 70.3!

With all of this exercise there is one thing I can’t do without and that’s my phone! I’ve found the apps you can get for fitness are amazing - so here are my favorites:

In my opinion, the best activity app out there on the market. This app tracks all of you activities from running through to just walking the dog, and then gives you (and anyone following you) a breakdown of the activity to show how you’ve done. It’s great for seeing progression and finding out how you compare against friends that you are following on the app. This is a free app but does have a premium option, which allow access to training plans and other extra features.

Ride with GPS
If you cycle chances are you already have this app! It’s basically a sat nav for your bike. You can plan routes easily on your computer then load them up and use them on the app. It allows you to copy friends routes plus you’ll find most organised races will use this as their navigation of choice. This app is free but to really benefit from it you’ll need to sign up to the paid option, which is £4.49 per month.

I like to listen to music when I run on my own and so couldn’t do without this app. Spotify has a run feature where you pick what you want to listen to and then it sets the tempo to how many steps you are running a minute. It will also pick a playlist for you based on what type of music you normally listen to. It’s great for keeping your pace up and making the run that little bit easier. Once again it’s free, but if you want to unlock all of the features it’s £9.99 a month.

The thing with doing all of these different sports is that you constantly need new gear for them, and I found that this company offers a great range, plus the app is dead simple to use. It has loads of choice and they also offer loyalty discounts for repeat customers.

These are my favorite apps that I use almost everyday, there are loads of others on the market so test them out and see what works for you...Appy exercising!

Many thanks, James, Sales and Marketing Manager


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