Posted 12th August 2013 | By James Roberts, Sales and Marketing Manager

I’ve been asked to write a blog, not normally part of my everyday sales role and not something I’ve done before, so hopefully it’ll go well and I’ll not be told to stick to my day job! Here goes…

I’ve been working in sales now for well over 15 years (that makes me sound old!) and I have worked in various roles from recruitment to running resorts overseas for Thomas Cook (other holiday companies are available). I never really knew too much about digital marketing. But since arriving at ExtraMile I find myself utilising digital marketing everyday and guess what, it really works! So I thought I would let you know the three areas of digital marketing that I couldn’t be without.


Every time I cold call someone I connect with them via LinkedIn. I find this makes the call more personal, as they get to see my ugly mug! Not only do they get to see what I look like, they can also view my connections, work history, testimonials, skills, updates and I also get to see theirs. If you have a bit of time read our top nine tips to using social media to get more out of Linkedin and other social media.

Email Marketing

Every month I send an email out, in fact you may be reading this blog having followed a link from our newsletter. If you have, I now know how many times you have opened your email, what links you clicked on, what device you read it on and where in the world you were when you read it. Knowing who is interested in what you’ve got to say is priceless to a sales team and calling warm leads is always far more appealing and productive than traditional cold calling.


Our website is Search Engine Optimised so leads find me, not just the other way round. When people Google phrases such as multilingual email marketing (go ahead, try it), as if by magic mixed with a lot of hard work, we are on the first page of Google. The client then contacts us and all I have to do is set up the meeting, every lazy sales persons dream.

All of this works so well with the conventional sales activity of cold calling, exhibiting and networking, all of which I still do. Together they make me so much better and effective at my job and if your sales team isn’t doing it then your company could and most probably is missing out.

Written by James Roberts, Sales and Marketing Executive at ExtraMile Communications.


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