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5th April 2000 was a significant day for the world.

High Fidelity and Final Destination were the top movies; Bill Clinton was in the White House; Tony Blair was Prime Minister; Charlie Kray had just died and Harold Shipman had been in prison for just over a month. The Tate Modern was about to open, as was the "swinging" Millennium Bridge and Chelsea would beat Aston Villa in the last FA Cup Final to be held at the old Wembley Stadium in May.

At the same time, other significant events were afoot: Gabrielle Hadley and Nick Evans launched their new company called SurveyDigital. It was a vehicle for online questionnaires - a rarity in those days. But three months in, a certain company asked them whether they knew anything about multilingual email marketing - and the rest, as they say, is history. Back in 2009, the company rebranded and changed its name to ExtraMile Communications and in 2010 it became incorporated.

Since that point, ExtraMile has grown rapidly, thanks to help from the consultants of the High Growth Programme and the endeavours of its staff. At the time of writing there are 11 people working in the offices in High Street, Eccleshall and another one about to start. It's a long way from the company that was born in 2000, working out of two small bedrooms.

And where will the future take us? ExtraMile earned a place on the UKTI High Value Opportunities Creative Industries Taskforce and is the only company from the West Midlands out of the 100 companies selected nationwide. As a result, it's seeking business from across the world - particularly in the US and Europe - where its multilingual skills are proving very attractive to large corporations that find it hard to market outside their own countries. The world is, indeed, our oyster and it's very exciting times for all involved in the company. Better still, it's exciting times for Eccleshall with a growing digital company employing people from around the area and becoming a key element in the digital lives of some very big companies: who would suspect all this is happening on two floors above The Artisan Coffee Shop?

Like all birthdays, this one will be celebrated, of course. 14 years in business is something of an achievement, particularly when the past seven have been through a deep recession. So join us in wishing ExtraMile a Happy Birthday on 5th April 2014 - and here's to the next 14 years!

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