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Do you sometimes feel like your love for your website is one way? That maybe your site isn’t working as hard as possible to give you that loving feeling. I’m going to channel my inner-cosmo writer and teach you the 5 tips that will drive your website wild!

Make it quick

Your website doesn’t want to hang around and wants you to get to the good stuff straightaway. Test your site on tools like GTMetrix and Pingdom Speed Test to get a base loading speed/time for your site – then set yourself the challenge to make it quicker. This can be anything from changing the server to one that has quicker hard-drives or tweaking the way your site loads to make sure you’re not making too many server requests. Both sites give you great tips on how to improve your loading speed so follow their advice and you won’t go wrong.

Spend quality time together

Like any relationship if you don’t invest your time it will wither and die – I could point out so many websites that are clearly in a dead-end relationship, a tell-tale sign is a copyright year that isn’t in this decade! Make sure you and your website don’t end up ‘staying together for the kids’ and set aside a few minutes a week to spend some important one-on-one time together. Whether that’s writing new content, assessing your results or running testing on the site doesn’t matter – just spending time together will ensure your relationship stays strong.

Hit the right buttons

Make sure your website is coded properly or you won’t get the response you’re hoping for from the hard work you’re putting in. Check that your site is following common SEO guidelines – everything from the right number of header tags to having a mobile optimised version makes a difference. Your website needs to be seen to feel loved, and should be so beautiful and so amazing that all you want to do is show your site off. By performing SEO properly you can make sure you both get that feel-good factor.

Find out what your website wants

It’s important in any relationship to listen – particularly to what your website is telling you. If you don’t then neither if you get the best outcome. You may love your about page with the history of the company but if you find that it’s the page where most people leave your website you need to listen to what your site is telling you and change it up, maybe customers want information about your team not your history. Equally if you’re seeing regular high traffic on your blog posts about a certain topic listen to that information and consider focusing more attention on that area across your website. When you do you’ll find that your website gives you better leads, better sales, better contacts than it did before.

Try new techniques

After you’ve listened intently to what your website has to say you’ll probably have lots of ideas and plans to spice up the broken relationship with your website. Maybe it’s time to try out those things you’ve been frightened to test out, or maybe it’s time to do some research into new trends and techniques available on the web. A/B testing, User Experience rating, Conversion Funnels etc. – there are a number of ways you can try out new things and see whether they’re working.

Bonus tip!

Don’t be afraid to introduce a third party to the relationship! A good web agency can provide relationship counselling for you and your website, making suggestions that will help you get more from your site and ensure you give more to your site in return. A great web agency will get involved in that relationship, share some of the burden and make sure everyone involved feels the love!

Written by Ean Faragher, Operations Director at ExtraMile Communications.


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