Posted 30th April 2012 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

Your online media are out there to attract the attention of prospects and clients. How well that works depends on how strategic you are in planning new content - and then delivering it.

Websites don't get much traffic on their own, unless you have great SEO, or you have a product or service that everyone wants and your competitors don't have. So, you need to drive people to the hub of your marketing activity - your website. The way to do that is through strategic content planning - here are 5 tips for you to get great results from your content:

1. Every quarter, draw up a new plan of what you are going to write about and who it's all aimed at.
2. For each article, post, Tweet, etc. carefully research keywords that will attract the attention of the search engines. Integrate those keywords into the title of the post and the first sentence or so of the content.
3. Be consistent and deliver new content on a regular basis (how do I dare to write this, when I don't seem to be able to follow my own advice!). That means calendarising and keeping to the schedule.
4. For each blog post or news item you put on the web, ensure you drive traffic to it with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or whichever media you regularly use. Don't forget to put a link every time - your website needs the traffic!
5. If the content is of interest to special interest groups to which you subscribe, share it with them too - but you'll need to be careful as most moderated groups frown on blog-puffing as "discussion topics". Therefore, make a genuine contribution to an existing thread in the group, or start a new discussion and then allude to your highly relevant post and indicate that people can find it in your blog. Don't post the link to it in this context, unless you are certain that the moderator will not object.

Nick from ExtraMile Communications Ltd in Eccleshall, Staffordshire.

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