Posted 6th July 2017 | By Umar Miah, Web Developer

Some of you may have read my last blog post on 5 tips and tricks on iOS for better user experience – I hope you found many of them useful and fun! I’m still admiring my iPhone 7 Plus and have discovered a whole host of new tricks I’d love to share with you.

1. Widgets: You may have come across these, if not then I am happy to shed some light. These are simple user interfaces that can be accessed from your device by swiping the home screen to the right or by pulling up your Notifications Centre. You can scroll down your list of widgets or add your favourite third-party apps that support widgets. These widgets help you view options at a glance or use tools instantly without having to access the app entirely - small touches that give you improved user experience.

2. Save your fingerprint twice (Touch ID devices only): This is optional if you are happy to register your fingerprint onto your device. Registering your fingerprint twice will increase the success rate/accuracy when unlocking your phone or using Touch ID across apps. You can go to the Touch ID feature from Settings and then register each thumb or finger twice. (iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have a great sensor so this may not be needed for users with these particular models – but it works well for older Touch ID enabled devices.)

3. Clear notifications instantly: If you come across a bunch of notifications in a short space of time leaving you a long list to clear up; you don’t have to clear each notification one after another. Whilst you are in Notification Center, if you use force touch on one of the ‘x’ buttons, where you can finally select ‘Clear all notifications’. Viola!

This trick also works on Safari web browser too. Just simply press and hold the tabs button in the bottom-right corner and you will then be prompted with the option to close all tabs currently open in your browser. This is really simple, yet you can save lot of time, so it adds to a better user experience.

4. Prioritising downloads/updates to all your apps: I have recently discovered this neat trick as I have a lot of apps on my phone to update every now and then. Sometimes I would have to wait for all app updates to complete in order to use a particular app (as you can imagine, this can be very annoying). Now if you can’t wait so long for an app to update and be ready to use, you can jump the downloads queue by force touching an app you really want to use and override the list by hitting the prioritise download option. You can also cancel or pause individual apps from the home screen by using force touch.

5. Markup Photos: This tip is for those who like to edit their images right from the app by selecting the edit option below, followed by the three dotted icon and finally the markup icon (looks like a toolbox). This will allow you to do all sorts of edits such as annotations, add text boxes or add a magnifier onto the image. This can be great if you want to focus on specific areas of the image.

Hopefully these new ‘Tips & Tricks’ will enhance your user experience even more and maybe even help you discover a few new tricks of your own!

Signing Out,