Posted 1st May 2013 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

Nick Evans here - Technical Director of ExtraMile. I've now been a Fellow of the IDM for 10 years - I can't believe how quickly it has flown by.

I was a relatively early member too and in that period of time I have gone from working in a small local authority consortium publishing house, through marketing and selling software to being Head of Marketing for Apple's UK Education business. For the last 13 years I have been running, with my wife - Gabrielle Hadley - our digital marketing agency: ExtraMile Communications Ltd.

During that period I have become well known for marketing presentations and recently I addressed around 180 delegates at Stoke City Football Club's Britannia Stadium at their CityBusiness networking seminar. The topic was "Future Marketing" and it was very well received indeed. Speaking is now a regular part of my portfolio of activities.

What has my career in marketing taught me?
1) Marketing is always changing and those who survive are not only the ones who change with the times, but also the ones who initiate that change.

2) Listen to the next generation - they're in touch with their own culture and can refresh your thinking.

3) Test and learn - things may work once, twice or more times. But the more you do something, the less it works. Test new ideas and learn from the outcomes.

4) Don't dilute your first idea - you thought of it and it came from who knows where. Go with your instinct and refine it, but don't dilute it.

5) International marketing is probably the trickiest thing to get right - it's not just about language. It's about culture, currency, correctness and ... sensitivity.

6) Marketing isn't about messages - it's about connections. Getting people to listen to what you say is not about shouting loudest, it's about understanding those to whom you are talking.

Get that right and the world's your avocado (as someone once said!)

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