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If we don't use it, will we lose it?

21 October 2013


So it seems that my last blog can’t have been too bad as they’ve allowed me to write another, so here goes round two. 

“WE DON’T USE OUR WEBSITE!” That’s a phrase I hear a lot in my job, usually followed by the phone swiftly being hung up!  I speak to companies all day long (yes cold calling still works even for us) and so many of them are missing a trick as they don’t see the value in having a cutting edge optimised and regularly up dated website. The world is changing and businesses are evolving with it, so being ahead of the competition online is more important today than it ever has been. I thought I’d spill the beans on my top 3 reasons to have a dynamic website.


Your company wouldn’t exist without them and a website is now the face of your company. It’s your top sales person, it’s what people see first and first impressions count and it’s how your clients judge your


If you're not doing it well you can guarantee a competitor is and is benefiting from it too. It is vital not only to be better than your competitors offline but also online; it can and will mean the difference between winning from and losing business to your rivals.


Recruitment is a time consuming and costly exercise. A good website can help not only advertise the roles you have, but also help attract the best staff. I used to work in recruitment and the top talent do look at company's websites and make a judgment if their website was poor. That's how they judged the business.

So I know it’s just a few points, I could go on for longer but won’t as I do have to get back to my day job. 

I truly believe your website is a reflection of your business and if you look in the virtual mirror right now do you like what’s staring back at you?

Written by James Roberts, Sales and Marketing Executive at ExtraMile Communications.



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