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Why the principle of iPhone 7's missing jack isn't going away

22 September 2016


By nature, we  humans are a conservative lot (with a small "c"). We tend to be fairly resistant to change, we don't like the order of our world to be disturbed and we feel comfortable when our cozy world is in stasis. So when change rears its ugly head, we react strongly, often ignoring the reasoning that has led to the change.

5 steps to an effective design meeting

15 August 2016

shannon 5-01

The studio team here at ExtraMile have been recently undergoing some changes (for the better!) in the way that we structure our processes, all in aim to improve the way that we work for our clients. For design, we have been particularly focused on developing the way that we present our work and making the design experience more interactive and engaging for our clients.

Going from Windows to Mac

08 August 2016


I'm now in my third month as Business Coordinator at ExtraMile, and thoroughly enjoying my time here!

I was with my previous company for nine years so starting a new job felt pretty daunting but I knew it was something I wanted to do. I needed a new challenge.

ExtraMile Communications star in their own Art Attack!

25 July 2016


Hello again! It's that time again for me to write a new blog post all about the latest news in design and to update you on what's new in the studio with the designers. I'm sure you've all read my previous blog post on the exciting piece of software that we we're experimenting with in the studio and this time we have stumbled upon another great design tool.

A Week of Work Experience at ExtraMile

20 July 2016

Last week, Lorna joined us here at ExtraMile for a week of work experience. She had an action packed week full of design, SEO, blogging and tweeting and much more. As part of her work experience, Lorna put together the following blog detailing her time at ExtraMile. We're glad she enjoyed her week so much :)


Post-Brexit Business Advice

28 June 2016


You can bury your head in the sand, or you can raise it above the parapet.

Business owners across the UK are considering the impact of the Brexit vote on their future prosperity and the direction of their companies. Many are fearful that leaving the Single Market will wipe out the European relationships that they have - either with clients or suppliers. They worry that their companies will decline because of lack of access to markets or because the raw materials that they need will become too expensive.

“Should I invest in PPC or SEO?”

15 June 2016


The importance of search engine marketing is always increasing. It's been discovered that people are much more likely to visit a website via a search engine rather than typing in a URL directly. Because of this, businesses really can't afford to dismiss SEM (search engine marketing) as part of their digital marketing strategy.

But should SEM spend be allocated to Pay Per Click advertising or Search Engine Optimisation?


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