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3 Valentine’s Day marketing strategies, and what we can learn from them

20 January 2016


Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is approaching. Every year, brands use February as an opportunity to create a love-themed marketing campaign, or to push their products as potential gifts for us to spend (or waste!) money on.

My next top 5 design myths

08 January 2016


You may have read my previous blog on my top 5 design myths. In this blog, I'll be looking into this a bit more, with 5 more design myths- aiming to explain why the myths are exactly that - myths!

The real personality traits of a designer

02 December 2015


  1. A Perfectionist – Every designer cares about perfection. This is both a curse and blessing. A designer will always strive to perfect anything they create right down to the last pixel, but knowing when to stop is the key. Knowing when to make the decision to say enough is enough is how you take proper creative control over your design work.

Man on the Moon captures the nation’s attention – but how does John Lewis do this year after year?

09 November 2015


moon-1004713 1280

It seems to roll around so quickly.

Not Christmas, the John Lewis Christmas advertisement.

Talking sense to customers and search engines

09 November 2015


Talking sense on your website pages and in your email communications is harder than you think. Nick explores a few ideas for keeping focused content at the forefront of your online marketing.

How accurately did ‘Back to the Future’ predict the technology of 2015?

26 October 2015


If you spent any time on social media feeds or browsing the web last week chances are you were aware it was 'Back to the Future day' last Wednesday – the day that Marty, Doc and Jennifer visit in the future in the popular movie trilogy. So if you haven't had enough of all the hype already, here's my definitive timeline of technology advances, as predicted by Back to the Future...

Five Factors to Consider During Logo Design

20 October 2015

The importance of a logo should not be underestimated. When it comes to rebranding or branding, understanding how your logo visually translates your organisation's ethos is paramount to ensure you get the right message across. Here are 5 important factors to consider during your logo design...


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