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Tricky Translations

26 April 2016

Spanish Pie

It's easy to make mistakes when dealing with a language that's not your own.

An international digital marketing strategy - 3 questions and answers...

12 April 2016



What is international digital marketing?

International digital marketing could be very loosely defined as applying your digital strategy to other countries. A digital strategy might be a mix of SEO, e-mail marketing, social media and of course, a quality responsive website.

Practical application of psychology in online marketing

04 April 2016


We love presenting ourselves online - presenting a persona. The ubiquitous selfie is an indication of our self-absorption and also a flag to marketers that the medium of the Internet is a powerful one for communicating and sharing messages. There’s a pressure to perform. A pressure to conform. A pressure to be attractive, quirky, lovable, fun. Technology has allowed us to focus more on the self while being able to perform to the mass. The metaphor of real life is being stretched by social media.

They can’t fool us! Our favourite April Fools’ pranks pulled by brands

01 April 2016


April Fools' Day has been and gone again. Here at ExtraMile, we like to think that we'd never fall for the 'PR pranks' that brands pull each year (probably!) but we enjoy the creativity and appreciate the exposure that a clever stunt can generate.

Why research is critical to the design journey

24 March 2016

blog 3

When beginning a new design project, whether it be a website, a logo or a brochure etc., the main challenges always lie within the problems brought to the table...

My top 5 SEO myths

16 March 2016

seo-618434 1280

I think everyone here at ExtraMile will agree with me when I say I'm far from an SEO expert! There are, however, some things that I've picked up from Annabel, Jade and the rest of the team, that I can hopefully shed some light on for the non-SEO-specialists! Here are five of my favourite myths about SEO:

Going international with your communications

08 March 2016


If you are looking to export your goods or services to another country, you'll be considering how you handle your communications. This includes everything from your website, social media and other online media through to your invoices, documentation and the person who answers the telephone. And getting it right is not a nice-to-have. Good international comms are the bedrock of a successful exporting business and this post explores a little about this wide-ranging topic.


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