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A Week of Work Experience at ExtraMile

20 July 2016

Last week, Lorna joined us here at ExtraMile for a week of work experience. She had an action packed week full of design, SEO, blogging and tweeting and much more. As part of her work experience, Lorna put together the following blog detailing her time at ExtraMile. We're glad she enjoyed her week so much :)


Post-Brexit Business Advice

28 June 2016


You can bury your head in the sand, or you can raise it above the parapet.

Business owners across the UK are considering the impact of the Brexit vote on their future prosperity and the direction of their companies. Many are fearful that leaving the Single Market will wipe out the European relationships that they have - either with clients or suppliers. They worry that their companies will decline because of lack of access to markets or because the raw materials that they need will become too expensive.

“Should I invest in PPC or SEO?”

15 June 2016


The importance of search engine marketing is always increasing. It's been discovered that people are much more likely to visit a website via a search engine rather than typing in a URL directly. Because of this, businesses really can't afford to dismiss SEM (search engine marketing) as part of their digital marketing strategy.

But should SEM spend be allocated to Pay Per Click advertising or Search Engine Optimisation?

Marketing Week Live – From sketch to life.

06 June 2016


No matter for what purpose, sketching will also play a vital role within the design process (I know I say this a lot). As a tool, sketching allows us to understand, experiment and enhance solutions to problems in a more organic and free manner. This also ensures that a vast amount of time is invested on refining exciting design solutions for our clients.

This approach isn't just something we take on for our clients; we also apply this to our own design projects, which are usually aimed at developing ways to expand our growth as a business. One of our more recent endeavours was for Marketing Week Live...

What am I going to write about?

23 May 2016


Whether it's content for a blog, ideas for your newsletter or simply what should you post on social media, getting ideas of what to write can be a real day-to-day challenge for business owners and marketing staff. So, how is it that some companies manage to keep up a seemingly inexhaustible flow of good content, while others struggle to post a tweet more than once a week?

A round up of Marketing Week Live 2016

17 May 2016


Last month, the team ventured down to London for the hottest event in the marketing calendar – Marketing Week Live. So we thought we'd better bring you some of the marketing wisdom we came back with!


We’ve been testing an exciting new piece of software at ExtraMile!

15 May 2016


What happens when a designer gets design block? No it's not a made up term, it really happens! When we have design block we tend to go onto blog websites - we all have our own preferences but websites I like to visit are CreativeBloq and Webdesigner Depot. When visiting both of these blog sites I stumbled upon articles that were reviewing a piece of software called Adobe Experience Design.


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