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Six quick questions with an SEO intern at ExtraMile Communications

02 September 2015


For the past 2 months, I have been an SEO intern at ExtraMile Communications, and have taken on a variety of tasks to assist Annabel in her job as ExtraMile’s SEO Specialist. I have visited several times before for work experience, and it seems that I can’t stay away! Now that my time here is drawing to a close, I’ve reflected upon a few questions about my experience here and what I've learnt.

If Google was a town centre, where would your business be?

01 September 2015

If Google was a town centre

It's sometimes difficult convincing people of the importance of Search Engine Optimisation.They might not understand it. They might think it's not relevant to their business, or it's just too much bother. Surely, if a business or service is good enough, people, both on and offline will always spend money with them?

Why even small businesses need a website

26 August 2015


A website is vital to every business as it is a powerful marketing tool and some small businesses are not aware of this. In today's society people look online to find out about a certain company, or information on products or services they are looking for. By not having a website you will be missing out on many business opportunities that could lead your business to grow.

The building blocks of a great website

18 August 2015


Over the past few years, I've been planning and building my own house (I didn't actually physically build the house, although I did do a fair bit of manual labour towards it!). We've eventually moved in, although it's still not fully decorated!

Although building a house is a far stretch from building a website, there are a few important lessons that I've learnt from my journey that I believe can be applied to many types of projects, including the design and development of a website:

ExtraMile Analytics

10 August 2015


What's the main point of your website? Different companies have different goals to achieve from their website, but the vast majority would say its primary purpose is to attract new clients/customers and drive business forward. If this is the case for you, we now offer an extra service that might just be of interest...

Designing a great website in 10 simple steps

03 August 2015

blog designertips one

Let me start firstly by introducing myself... Hi! My name is Shannon and I'm the new designer here at ExtraMile Communications. This time last year, I was graduating from the University of South Wales with a first class honours degree in Graphic Communication, and now here I am, working full-time at a digital agency looking forward to what the future holds and let me tell you, it's looking pretty cool.

We're all going on a techy holiday...

22 July 2015


As it’s holiday season I thought I’d write a blog highlighting some cool tech things you can visit, see, use and be amazed by this summer - hopefully it can give you some inspiration to make the most of your time off!

Let's start off with travel – previously a bastion for the latest and greatest inventions it feels like the world of the web has left transport behind, we're all connected through the internet now so why would you need to travel anywhere?


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